Wine in Italy

Wine in Italy

If wine is your primary reason for traveling to Italy you’re not alone. Italy is among Europe’s most prolific wine producing countries, with all 20 regions producing some excellent wine!

Expect frizzante (young) wines and even bubblier Prosecco and smooth Barolo and Amarone wines in northern Italy. Further south in regions kissed by the sun you’ll find bolder, fruit forward regional wines.

Or maybe you’re a fan of the Aperitivo — both the drink and the experience.

Surprisingly to some, Italy produces some of the world’s most popular Italian drinks and traditional liqueurs and amaro (herbaceous drinks) like Vermouth, Campari, and Aperol to name just a few.

The more you travel Italy’s regions, the more you come to know where exactly you are in Italy just by drinking the wine, sampling a digestivo after dinner, or enjoying a splendid Italian cocktail before you ever even look at a map.

Much like food, Italy is heaven for wine and cocktail lovers!

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