Traditional Italian Dishes

It’s probably fair to say most travelers visit Italy for the food. But don’t come expecting spaghetti and meatballs. Some of Italy’s most traditional dishes may surprise you.

As we always say, food is regional. So the Italian dishes you eat in Naples won’t be the same as in Bologna, and won’t even resemble what you’ll find in northern Italy, where the Italian cuisine is influenced more by Germany and Austria than the Mediterranean.

Expect heartier foods and frizzante (young) wines in northern Italy, and lighter foods paired with citrusy, fruit forward, and bold regional wines the further south you travel.

We often use terms like heavy and light to describe the food dishes of Italy, but take a closer look at the types of ingredients that go into making them and the sauces that define the preparation.

The more you travel Italy’s regions, the more you come to know Italy’s food culture. Often you’ll know where exactly you are in Italy just by the food you’re eating, before you ever even look at a map.

This is truly a foodie’s dream!

Traditional Dishes in Italy