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Sicily is a region of Italy known for its food. Sicilian food is vibrant in color. Vivid red sauces are laced with fresh green herbs and spices like rosemary, mint, and oregano that thrive here year round in the mild climate.

Citrus fruits like lemons and oranges are abundant here and grow well in the fertile volcanic soil. Some other culinary staples you’ll find on the island include pistachios, olives, almonds and prickly pears.

Of course since the island is surrounded by the sea, frutas di marefruits of the sea — are on every menu in one form or another. Seafood is rich in Omega 3s — one of the factors that contributes to the healthy Mediterranean diet many Italians enjoy.

The food in Sicily is considered to be some of the best and most traditional Italian food, but of course that’s all relative. If you remember your grandmother cleaning squid, chasing scungilli (snails) from crawling up the sink, or smacking eels on the counter to kill and prep them for a stew, chances are your ancestors came from southern Italy, and you may know and love the local food specialties of Sicily.

And if you love distinct earthy red wines, you’ll fall hard for Sicily, where some of the finest Nero d’Avola is produced under the hot sun.

All of these fresh ingredients are used in the local delicacies, making Sicilian cuisine also one of the most diverse Italian cuisines.

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