36 Italian Cooking Classes and Cooking Schools in Italy (+ 8 Online)

Want to learn to cook Italian in Italy? Here are 36 Italian cooking classes, online courses, and cooking schools in Italy for the budding Italian chef in you!

Don your Chef's hat and prepare to learn how to make everything your Italian food heart desires. These 36 Italian cooking classes, online courses, and culinary schools offer some of the best food experiences in Italy will ensure that you are never again left longing for one of your favorites.

These cooking classes in Italy can range from informal one-day tours for tourists and week long cooking classes in Italy to several day courses at some of the most renowned cooking schools in Italy.

But don't feel disheartened if you’re unable to visit Italy anytime soon. We’ve also included 8 online Italian cooking classes that you can Zoom or drop in virtually from the comfort of your own home. 


Ready to cook and eat? Let’s dive in!

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12 One-Day Italy Cooking Classes


Gourmands and foodies worldwide know that a holiday in Italy is incomplete without the food. If you adore the fragrant smells of the kitchen and are fascinated by the intricacies of gastronomy, or maybe you just love to fill your bellies with traditional Italian food — here are some favorites from our long list of what we consider the best cooking classes in Italy.

These are Italian cooking classes for tourists, and they’re sure to satisfy your need to create, cook, and eat! 


Tuscany Cooking Class

Cooking Class and Lunch at a Tuscan Farmhouse with Local Market Tour from Florence

When it comes to Italy cooking classes, Tuscany seems to be everyone’s favorite destination to try their hand in the cucina. And this cooking class is so much more than just cooking — it’s a gastronomic lesson in Tuscan cuisine you truly won’t want to miss. 

This full-day shopping and cooking (and eating) experience begins with a guided tour of the food market to pick up fresh ingredients. Followed by that is a lovely drive to a rustic farmhouse where you begin preparing a full course Tuscan meal.

The watchful eye and quick wit of your Chef and Guide will guide you through the complex flavors of the region, giving you handy tips to enhance your skills. The atmosphere is warm and lively to keep it fun, and this cooking class is guaranteed to make your time in Tuscany an unforgettable one!

Florence Cooking Class

Pizza and Gelato Cooking Class in Tuscan Farmhouse from Florence

Nothing says Italy quite like pizza and gelato, and this cooking class in Florence delivers on both counts. 

This amazing 5-hour culinary journey takes place in a private estate in the hills, where your chef teaches you the variations of pizza and the best way to make the creamiest gelato you’ve ever tasted. 


After class, you’ll grab a slice of hot pizza and some wine or beer and breathe in the country air before finishing with a delicious hand-made gelato.


Campania Cooking Classes

Neapolitan Pizza — Making Dough and Tasting Typical Products of Naples

This 2-hour cooking class in the birthplace of pizza lets you learn about Campania's most beloved food. The course is conducted at a Naples restaurant under the guidance of a brilliant pizza instructor who promises to share all.


It teaches students everything from the very basics to the hidden secrets surrounding the ingredients, from the science behind the oven to the skills you need to master, and even the historical significance of the legendary dish. 


The lesson ends with everyone gathering around the table to share stories just like you would at a traditional Italian meal. The most exciting part is you receive a certified pizza-making diploma at the end. Just imagine how notable that will look hanging on your wall back home!

Fresh Pasta and Ravioli in a Historic Restaurant in Naples

Learn the art of pasta making from a pro at this workshop conducted in a historic restaurant in Naples. 


This 2-hour interactive cooking class includes a welcome cheese and meat spread, complimentary soft drinks, and the opportunity to learn pasta making under the guidance of incredible chefs. Be sure to ask about the history of Napoli from the perspective of a local before the end of the class!

Rome Cooking Class

Pasta and Tiramisu Making Class in Rome

Toss a coin in the iconic Trevi Fountain before you head to this 2-hour pasta-making cooking class conducted by the local chef at Restaurant Agrodolce


You’ll prepare a gourmet Italian meal consisting of decadent Spaghetti alla Carbonara, hearty pappardelle, and mouthwatering tiramisu, all accompanied by some sparkling Prosecco wine. This is the perfect class to let your hair down and enjoy the classic dishes of Rome

Bologna Cooking Class

Casa Artusi Cooking Classes

You simply cannot talk about the best cooking schools in Italy without mentioning the Casa Artusi Cooking School, one of the best experiences for foodies in Bologna. This class is held in the hometown of Pellegrino Artusi, the man who published one of Italy’s very first cookbooks and gives students the chance to explore the many possibilities of Italian home cooking. 

The culinary magic unfolds at a theater-esque kitchen where each student gets paired with their own “Mariette” in honor of Marietta Sabatini, Artusi’s maid and cook. These local volunteers run the show in classes of 1-20 participants, where they show you the intricacies of traditional Italian cooking. English classes are available upon request. 

If you’re looking for a unique one-day tour with a bit less cooking and more touring and eating, you might like this tour we did with Emilia Storytellers which incorporates more cultural aspects of Italy’s cuisine. You’ll shop for ingredients, do a tasting of balsamic vinegar, try local wines, and cook an entire meal with a local Nonna.


Umbria Cooking Class

Percosi con Gusto Cooking School

Attention to detail is the key to understanding Chef Loretta Autuori’s philosophy surrounding Umbrian cooking. This culinary school is based in the historical town of San Gemini and explores the bold flavors of the region using the freshest produce of the season. 


The lessons are private, hands-on, carefully curated, and end with a delightful meal. With a combination of authentic cooking, great hospitality, and some fantastic wine, it really doesn't get more Italian than this!


Sicily Cooking Class

Cucina del Sole

The best cooking classes in Italy focus on one main thing: the love of good food. Drop by Chef Monica Consoli’s "Sun's Kitchen" in the foodie city of Catania and fall in love with cooking again as you create Sicilian specialties using local produce and traditional methods passed down through generations. The class ends with a luncheon to celebrate the Sicilian way of life.

Venice Cooking Class

Traditional Home Cooking Experience

If you’re looking for a laid-back, personalized lesson in the art of culinary science, this cooking class is for you. Conducted in the home of a local chef, this 3-hour class in a local Venetian home will bring your family and friends together through laughter and play. Opt for a lunch or dinner class and sip on some local wine while you nosh on some Venetian cicchetti for an experience like no other.

Lecce Cooking Class

Traditional Home Cooking Experience in Lecce

Puglia is known for producing some of Italy’s most iconic dishes. This cooking class at a private estate in Lecce is overseen by expert sommeliers and is a great way to learn about Pugliese cuisine. Good food, wine, and conversation are assured, so immerse yourself in this 17th-century palazzo as you feast like royalty.


Genoa Cooking Class

Traditional Cooking Class in Genoa

This maritime city is well known for its sophisticated Ligurian cuisine, and this cooking class showcases the very best of Genoese cooking. In this 3 hour Genoa cooking class, you will walk away having learned  all there is to know about preparing a four-course meal from scratch. Wrap up the session with a lovely feast on the seaside terrace as you sip on wine and coffee.


Milan Cooking Class

Private Milanese Delicacy Cooking Class, Milan 

This class on preparing the most fabulous four-course meal explores the trade secrets of Milanese cooking and is headed by Chef Clara, an expert sommelier. This cooking class was a highlight of our visit and is held in her very own home on Piazza VI Febbraio, the class allows students to experiment with a range of dishes. 


If you want to replicate the meals as authentically as possible, be sure to ask your hostess for suggestions on sourcing ingredients at the end of class.


16 Cooking Schools in Italy

Nearly everybody claims to be able to cook Italian, but it's mastering the techniques and trade secrets that set apart the experts from the amateurs. If you want to live the dream of cooking like a professional chef, learn from the greats at some of the best cooking schools in Italy. Or consider a cooking tour — Italy has some a wide array from which to choose.

Cooking Tours, Vacations, and culinary schools in Italy

When you want more than a one day cooking class or quick instruction on the basics of cooking Italian cuisine, why not consider a longer stay to attend a renowned cooking school or culinary schools in Italy?

There are also many holiday options with week long cooking classes in Italy, cooking classes and culinary instruction that are bundled together with wonderful overnight accommodations — a real culinary vacation in Italy!

You’ll find a range of culinary courses and cooking schools here set in a variety of unique locations from private villas and grand estates to quaint farmhouses (agriturismos) and holiday homes. One fabulous place is even in a renovated castle in Piedmont (and the price is very reasonable too)!

Browse through these amazing places and find your next culinary travel experience — a cooking vacation in Italy!



Cooking with Giuliano Hazan

Set in Poggio al Tesoro, the gorgeous estate of wine producer Marilisa Allegrini, Giuliano Hazan’s Tuscany cooking school is luxurious living at its finest. Renowned Chef Giuliano Hazan and his family run some of the best culinary schools in Italy and the experience of cooking under his tutelage will make your experience even more unforgettable.

For a week, you’ll reside in an opulent guest house surrounded by gorgeous vineyards on the property and enjoy an intimate, fun and hands-on 5-hour multi-course culinary experience accompanied by wines from the Allegrini vineyards. Expect warm hospitality and the pampering of a lifetime.


The Cooking Studio

"The Cooking Studio" at the La Quercia Estate fully embodies the Italian saying “la famiglia e tutto” (family is everything). In the classes conducted at abstract artist Francesco Clemente's former studio and 17th-century farmhouse, his daughter and granddaughter teach students everything there is to know about cooking authentic Italian cuisine in one of the most unique cooking schools in Italy.


Choose to stay on-site in a private villa for an extensive culinary experience or drive in to participate in a half-day cooking class. Either way, you’ll enjoy views of hundreds of olive, fig, lemon, and pomegranate trees while you cook to your heart's content and savor some wines.


When it's time to depart, take with you a gorgeous terracotta bread warmer, Nonna Olga’s recipes, and memories worth a lifetime!



Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School

With patrons the likes of Alice Waters and the late Julia Child, it's beyond question that the Anna Tasca Lanza cooking school is one of the best cooking schools in Italy.

You’ll arrive at Case Vecchie, the culinary center with its signature blue shuttered windows and doors, and be greeted by your teacher, Fabrizia Lanza, whose mother Anna founded the school in the 1980s. 


You can spend the day learning about the components of Sicilian cooking or participate in the 10-week residential “Cook The Farm” program which explores the anthropological, historical, and agricultural influences on cooking traditions. 



CIBO Culinary Institute of Bologna

Catering to the needs of everyone, from absolute beginners to restaurant chefs, CIBO Culinary Institute in Bologna offers packages for foodies touring Emilia Romagna. You can pick between a day of cooking traditional Bolognese dishes or even settle in for a week at a private retreat in the Apennine mountains for an immersive culinary experience. 


Experience Italy like a local under the guidance of Chef Stefano Corvucci, your personal escort on your culinary adventures and tourist escapades. As a terrific bonus, each lesson includes lunch or dinner with unlimited wine.


Castello di Montalero, Alessandria

If you’re looking for a unique Italian cookery class, that’s exactly what you’ll experience at the Castello di Montalero, During the 8-day course, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in four 3.5-hour cooking lessons and one 3-hour bread-making session. 5 and 3-day courses are also offered. Courses and foods may vary so check with the school to confirm before booking.

In your downtime, you can sunbathe, swim, or take a walking tour of the sprawling property. It’s a leisurely Italian cooking vacation!



SWEETEST Cooking School, Pescara

Experience “la dolce vita,” or the sweet life, at the SWEETEST cooking school that conducts classes on everything pastry-related. There are courses taught by professionals for students at all levels, so you can look forward to a rewarding time that satiates your sweet tooth at the same time.


Casale Centurione

Set is a picturesque 19th-century farmhouse in the mountains of Abruzzo, Casale Centurione cooking classes are open to both children and adults and seasonally-based for maximum freshness and authenticity. You’ll learn about the techniques and ingredients involved in making some delicacies unique to the Abruzzo region, and taste the best that Abruzzese tradition has to offer.



Positano Home Cooking Classes, Salerno

Get off the beaten path with chef Peter, who hosts cooking classes for vacationers at the Casa Lara in Positano. Assemble a meal in a cozy kitchen and enjoy the tastes of Italy as you feast by the Amalfi Coast. An unsurpassable experience, you will be sharing these stories with family and friends for years.


Ravello Holiday House

If you’re planning a holiday on the Amalfi Coast, do yourself a favor and stay in Ravello, a charming small town high on the cliff over Atrani and just minutes from Amalfi and Positano. And if you decide on Ravello, consider staying at Ravello Holiday House's Villa San Lorenzo for a journey into the regional cuisine of the area.

You’ll start by getting your hands messy in the kitchen with Chefs Marco and Tano cooking pizzas and fresh pasta and then feast on your preparations with a glass of fine wine as you breathe in the ocean air.


Quanto Basta Cooking School, Sorrento 

Escape the crowds and live it up like a Duchess at a sprawling estate in Capo. The Villa Capo Santa Fortunata is where you’ll learn the secrets of Southern Italy's iconic cuisine in cooking sessions held twice a day.

During your cooking course, you’ll prepare and cook a pasta course, a meat, fish, or vegetable course, and a dessert which you’ll enjoy together at lunch or dinner, paired with local wine. A welcome Prosecco cocktail and tastings of local meats and cheeses are just a few of the culinary delights you will experience here.



Alla Madonna del Piatto

There’s nothing quite like staying in a 400-year-old farmhouse and experiencing firsthand the quintessentials of Umbrian country living. Perhaps the only thing better is adding in learning to make some of Umbria’s most authentic dishes!

The eco-friendly Alla Madonna del Piatto agriturismo offers cooking lessons and wholesome living in this rural farmhouse setting, though it’s just 15 minutes fro nearby Assisi. Rejuvenates your soul with some fresh air, intimate cooking classes, and a culinary experience in Umbria you won’t soon forget.


Life Italian Style: Food and Wine Tours

When an American chef is tantalized by Umbria and ends up moving to Italy and running culinary tours, you know she’s got an interesting story! Chef and restaurateur Jennifer McIlvaine owns her own local restaurant in the green heart of Italy, but runs her Life Italian Style personalized food and wine tours across Umbria in the shoulder season. 


Perfect for the adventurous foodie, these tours include cheesemaking classes, visits to wood-fired oven bakeries, and even truffle hunts, and olive oil tastings. Offering a unique way to learn about Umbrian food and traditions, there's even the option to learn cooking in the cozy kitchen of the local villa you’re staying at.



Cordon Bleu, Florence

Do you think it is possible to talk about the best cooking schools in Italy without mentioning the Cordon Bleu in Florence? Most foodies would likely say No.


If you're under the impression that this institute only offers professional courses to people who want to become chefs, you're wrong. Located in the historical center of Florence, this esteemed cooking school also offers short-term courses for those looking to dabble in Italian cooking and pastry making while on holiday. Don't hesitate to book a class!


Scuola di Cucina Lorenzo de’ Medici

 The Scuola di Cucina Lorenzo de’ Medici cooking school in the Mercato Centrale incorporates the Italian way of life in their approach to sharing knowledge and skills on the finer points of food and dining. Make prior registrations to participate in classes which include a glass of wine, a certificate, and an apron.



Mama Isa’s Cooking School, Venice

Offering one of the best cooking courses in Italy, Mama Isa's Cooking School in Venice gives students the chance to create dishes that rival the best restaurants of Italy. But cooking tasty meals isn't all that this week-long class is famous more. It also encourages guests to explore the many dimensions of food history and local traditions that are specific to Venice. 


Cooking with Giuliano Hazan, Verona

Bask in the romance of the Villa della Torre in Verona, home to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. This is where you’ll find Giuliano Hazan’s Veneto cooking school with water lily ponds, glorious vineyards, and lush gardens providing the perfect backdrop to the 16th-century architectural marvel. You’ll explore the nuances of Italian cuisine and learn more than the basics during your stay. 


These exclusive 5-hour classes taught over the course of a week by Chef Giuliano Hazan include several courses of local specialties like pasta, meats, risotto, and desserts. It'll be a story you'll never stop telling; a true Renaissance fairytale!

8 Online Italian Cooking Classes and Courses in Italy

For those who wish to learn how to cook Italian food from the comfort of their own homes, online Italian cooking classes are your savior. Impress your family and friends with authentic meals you’ve prepared under the guidance of chefs in Italy as you putter about your own kitchen!

These Italian food courses may be virtual but they’re no less authentic. So gather your fresh ingredients, set up your WiFi, and let’s get started! 


Curious Appetite

For those who want to learn the fundamentals of Italian cuisine, Curious Appetite has a virtual Italian cooking class for just about everything from pasta, coffee, and even biscotti for you to bake. If you’d prefer a one-on-one class, there's that option as well — just drop a request for a private session.


The Tiny Italian

Conducted by Italian food expert Paola Maggiulli, this class is best described as a fun-filled party with friends from all over the world! Booking a session with The Tiny Italian means getting your ingredients and equipment in order, in addition to preparing yourself for a night filled with singing and dancing in your kitchen. 


Fun, casual, and quirky, this cooking class is an unforgettable experience!


Juls’ Kitchen 

Invite the spirit of Tuscany into your home with these fun online cooking classes on pasta and dessert making in Jul’s Kitchen. With step-by-step demonstrations and lifetime access, this one's the real deal. And the Vegan Tuscan cooking course definitely deserves a special mention! 


Let’s Cook in Umbria

Brought to you from a country farm kitchen in Perugia, the Let’s Cook in Umbria 3-hour virtual class is taught by chef Raffaella Bucefalo, where she patiently guides students through the ins and outs of native Umbrian cooking. 


Featuring food that is prepared in the style of her beloved grandmother, this online lesson is a masterclass that involves careful planning and execution. If impressing your family and friends is the goal, this one certainly has you covered.


Nonna Live 

When it comes to experiencing the real thing, nothing comes close to a couple of Italian Nonnas teaching you to cook cozy comfort meals over a zoom call! 

Whether you're after perfecting some real Italian cooking, looking to organize a team-building exercise, or simply in want of a kind voice to help you out in the kitchen, Nonna Live does not disappoint. 


WithLocals Online Cooking Class Live from Venice

Hankering for something sweet, but stuck inside with nothing new to try? Why not make it yourself! Coming to you live from Venice, this virtual tiramisu cooking class through WithLocals requires all but an hour of your time to perfect this decadent Italian dolce. 


Everyone is welcome to attend so get your family involved for an all-around sweet time. 


Florencetown, Florence

From the Renaissance city of Florence, this beginner level class with Florencetown features a team of chefs skilled at teaching even the most novice culinarians all about the basics of Italian cooking. So get the kids to join in and learn how to make all the classics together, from ricotta spinach gnocchi to hand-made tagliatelle!


Casa Mia Tours

The talented team of experts at Casa Mia Tours guide you in putting together a meal that you’ll remember for a long time to come. Casa Mia offers an array of tours and experiences throughout Italy, but they also offer an extensive range of ever-changing live online food and wine experiences hosted via Zoom if you’re unable to travel.

These private online Italian food courses are curated to what interests you most and accommodate your own dietary requirements. They’re sure to bring the flavor of Italy right to your door.


 Taking one of these cooking classes in Italy is a great opportunity to explore the many aspects of Italian culture and history, and then take some back home with you! Pull up your sleeves, put on your chef’s hat, and get cooking.

Buon appetito!