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Campania food in southern Italy is dramatically different from the regions to the north. Here the dishes become spicier and rich with tomatoes and basil.

Naples is the largest and most populated city in the region and the Naples food is referred to as Neapolitan cuisine. This is the land of citrus, tomatoes, and bufala mozzarella — foods so iconic they have their own unique food festivals.

San Marzano and Capri tomatoes among many varieties are one Napoli food that defines the region. Throw in some fresh leafy basil and you have the colors of the Italian flag embodied in one of Campania’s most famous dishes — Pizza Neapolitan.

Wine in Campania is bold and they are known for distinctive reds from the widely-planted Aglianico grape, but they do produce some whites and pale roses as well. But perhaps the most widely known aperitif is the after-meal digestive, limoncello, made from the aromatic and oversized lemons and citrus grown on the coast. It’s bursting with flavor!

In Naples, the coastal towns of Positano, Atrani, Amalfi, Praino, and Salerno along the Sorrentine peninsula, and the islands of Capri and Ischia, fresh seafood is eaten by locals and served in most every restaurant. Seafood dishes often include a citrus spritz or vinaigrette. But head inland from the coast and you will find more meat options including game meat like wild boar.

For your sweet tooth, the quintessential sfogliatelle is one of Naples’ most famous exports and Campania’s regional pastry specialty, or the sublime Baba Napoli, decadent bite-size rum cakes that are divine.

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